Spockholm Mafia Tools

Spockholm produce some of the greatest bookmarklets for Mafia Wars, here i m listing we with description and how to use them you can find whole lot of them here.

Unframe the Mafia Wars iframe. Use again after unframing to get the scrollbars back.

If you are facing Screen shrinks after unframing in Firefox problem?
Go to Tools | Options | Content | Advanced Javascript | Untick "Move or Resize existing windows".

Keep attacking your current target, with healing and other features. Beta version avalible.
Use after attacking someone once or on their MW profile page.

Stable release of Robber, can lack some found in the beta version.
Use on Robbery page (unframed). Bookmarklet will repeat the robbing and log statistics.
Can also be used on profile rob pages, but does not repeat there.

Do a job once, use this bookmarklet to repeat the job. Beta version avalible.

Switches from MW profiles (unframed) to Facebook profiles, works from FB to MW aswell. One of my personal Favorite.

Run on a My Mafia page and get the topmafia bonuses highlighted.


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