Consumables - Satellite Phone

Satellite Phone are one of the most talked about Consumables in Mafia Wars. you can Loot Satellite Phone from
Pirate Episode by doing Hijack a Boat Load of Electronics job. I m Listing down where and how many you required to complete bangkok in Mafia Wars.

Pirate (Triad)- Offload The Cars Onto A Waiting Barge - 8/10/15/34                           Total = 67
Commandant - Make Contact With The United Wa State Army - 15/20/25/50             Total = 70
Commandant - Establish Contact With A CIA Agent - 13/17/25/50                              Total = 105
Commandant (Yakuza) - Pass On Information To The Thai Police - 17/20/34/50          Total = 121
Oyabun - Smuggle The Sapphires Into Tokyo - 25/34/50/100                                       Total = 209
Dragon Head - Talk With Wei's Disloyal Enforcers - 15/20/25/50                                 Total = 110
Saboteur - (Yakuza) Steal An Experimental Armor Prototype - 20/25/34/100                Total = 179
Saboteur - (Triad) Extort The Consortium's Remaining Officers - 20/25/34/100              Total = 179

Total Needed: 713-901 (Triad Only - 780, Yakuza Only - 834)

Do remeber that "Hijack a Boat Load of Electronics" is a choice point in Pirate level, means so can choose eitehr yakuza or traid and whenever you do that job you actually get points for choosen fiction.
Some people recommend it to get all you need when you are at level one of Pirate this will cause less energy i.e 35 and you can later work on leveling you faction points


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