By-pass the Facebook 30 gifts a day limitation to sending out Free Gifts

 Once I realized that the 30 gifts a day was the Facebook limitation and not a Mafia Wars one, I examined the free gifts page to find a link, which I gave to my friends and they were able to get a Free Gift even without me sending out a request to them via Facebook.

So here's how you do it -

1. Open Mafia Wars, Unframe. Get Unframe BM from Spock's if you don't have it already -

2. Go to the free gifts page. You get there by going to the 'My Mafia' page -> 'Free Gifts'

3. Choose a Free Gift to send, it can be anything. (This apps, mbag)

4. Click 'Proceed to Send'

5. Let the page load up where you can select Users from the User selection box.

6. Once the page has loaded to some extent, copy paste this code into your browser address bar and press enter (bookmark it for easy access next time you want to use it) -

javascript:(function(){prompt("Copy the link below", /

This will give you a pop-up with a huge link. Press Ctrl+A to select it completely, Ctrl+C to copy it


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