Blofelds Dirty Martini's Mafia Tools

Blofelds Dirty Martini's Mafia Tools were first just Dirty Martini's Mafia Tools before the coder drop it ownership and Blofelds take it from they left. This is very handy tool for chekc wht you are using for Attack and Defense in Mafia Wars. The script break a apart your inventory in three main parts.

First one let you a know what are you using for Attack and Defense, all complete list of 501 of each category. Second part let you know the recommendations to improve your stats and last one tell you wht you have extra and what you should keep to do jobs in any city.

Blofeld's Item Updater

This script let you update Blofeld's database incase their is something new and they don't have that in their database.

You can find These Bookmarklets here.


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