Minimum Choice Point Jobs to Reach Allied in Both Factions

Ultimate Mafia Wars Tips (Please Don't keep this A Secret Share On FaceB...

Bulletproof Achievement

Mafia Wars - Level Faster with Joyka's Exp/Energy 2.0 Bookmarklet

Memorial Day Sale

Zynga is giving away to charity again for Memorial Day. I don't know how its going to work all i know is their is some good reward if you able to get 10 points and for 5 points you can get a crate item.

London Passport and more

Mafia Wars - Serial Leveling ... NOT Serial Killing

Mafia Wars - GLITCH!! Build 2x Chop Shop *OR* 2x Weapons Depot Items in ...

Save as Draft

GLITCH - Unlimited Mystery Bags

So here is how to do it:

First off let me say, i did this in firefox with mafia wars unframed. And you need to disable your popup blocker or they won't be sent to the in game messages.

Step 1:

Send an alternate account a mystery bag from your main (or whatever account you wish to receive unlimited mystery bags).

Step 2:

Log on to the alternate account, go into mafia wars, and unframe. Click on the in game messages icon and accept the mystery bag from your main.

Step 3:

Click "Send a Mystery Bag back!" and it will open another popup window that has the standard facebook request sending button. Click send, and send again on the new popup, and then click okay on the "success" window that pops up next. Now with your popup blocker disabled mw should open a new tab in your browser which will load a blank white tab.....make sure it is completely done loading (this is the part that sends to the in game messages) and then close the empty tab, and you will notice the box with the standard facebook request is still open. If you click send again and repeat the above steps you will receive a new mystery bag every time the 2nd tab loads the blank page.

Chop Shops and Weapon Depots - Spending RP to buy down timer

I'm still trying to wrap my head around whether or not this is a better use of RP than buying skill points. I have plenty of components, so that's not really an issue. 12 RP for 6 stamina is not bad, and it gets even better if you are buying down less time. Of course your timer resets as well, so you kind of have to factor if you are going to be on to redeem when the new timer is ready... I guess that's what's throwing a monkey wrench into my evaluation of the whole thing.

So, what are your thoughts? When and where are you going to spend your RP?  At the moment, I think I am just going to hold on to them and see if Zynga makes further changes when the animal pens and armor shops come out.

London ?

Begin your journey to merry ol' England with Challenge Mission: London! But this trip is no cup of tea – you've been tasked with stealing one of the most prized items on the Earth… a Crown Jewel! You should expect to experience some royal pains in obtaining this priceless heirloom, from dealing with the British Secret Service, to escaping back to India where you will receive your final reward.

Challenge Mission: London runs over three weeks, but you can start getting prepared early. Soon you'll find vital "British Passport" loot drops from fights, robbing and jobs. You'll need these to complete the trials ahead. Don’t think there is just glory that awaits those who are up to the challenge – all new powerful Limited Edition items await those who defy the British Empire!

Saw This In Coming Soon Today...

Seems We Will Need "British Passport''.... & Whats That Trial I Dont Understand....