Minimum Choice Point Jobs to Reach Allied in Both Factions

Those Faction Store goodies sure look good.

But the best require that you are Allied with that Faction.  From the Faction toolbar it appears that 1400 puts you in the Allied range.  Edit:  1401 points are required for Allied! 

What is the minimum number of Allegiance Choice Point jobs required to reach Allied with both Factions?

Ignoring concerns such as selecting a faction to receive specific loot and job costs, to minimize the number of jobs required, first reach the peak Faction score in either of the Factions:

                                              Yakuza                   Traids
Start                                            50                         50

Then at 3 points per Faction job, -1 points for opposing Faction,
483 Yakuza Choice Point jobs         1449                      -483
                                               _____                    _____
Subtotal                                     1499                          0    

500 Triads Choice Point jobs           -500                     1500
                                                _____                   _____
Subtotal                                       999                     1500

138 Yakuza Choice Point jobs           414                     -138
                                                _____                   _____
Subtotal                                      1413                     1362

13 Triads Choice Point jobs               -13                        39
                                                _____                    _____
Total                                          1400                      1401

Ahhhh, it appears that I should have paid attention the first time through.  To reach Allied, 1401 points are required.

Ok, 1 more Yakuza and 1 more Triads Choice Point jobs:

So, to summarize:

Yakuza Choice Point jobs:            483
Triads Choice Point jobs:                       500
Yakuza:                                    139
Triads:                                                 14
Totals                                       622     514

When minimizing the number of Choice Point jobs required to reach Allied with both Factions, it is essential to maximize the value of one Faction (to 1499 points) before working on the other Faction.  When you perform an opposing Faction Choice Point job, you subtract a point from the Faction you've already built up.  By working only one Faction at first, till 1500 points are built up, the subtraction from the other Faction results in the Faction count going to and stopping at zero (0) - but not into negative numbers.  If you work both Factions at once, you will be continually undoing totals you've already built up.

Reaching Allied in both Factions apparently opens up all of the items in the Factions Store:

So with a Factions point total of:  Yakuza - 1401 (Allied) and Triads - 1402 (Allied), let's purchase a Yakuza Assassin.  What's this? 

The Factions bar was in the Allied Zone and the Factions Store showed the item as available.  Ok, let's do a Yakuza Choice Point job so that Yakuza Faction Points are higher than Triads Factions points.
I tested this with other Factions Store items and it appears that you can only purchase Faction items for the Faction that has the highest Faction Point total, even if the Factions Store shows the item(s) as available.

Another bug?  I purchased a Yakuza Assassin (50 Attack 26 Defense) and a Shaolin Bodyguard (27 Attack  51 Defense) and looked for them in my Inventory > Loot.  They did not show up.  Another couple other item purchases and, nope, not in my Inventory > Loot.

When purchased, the Faction Store Boosts:

Gun Running Operation          Produces:  Black Market Ammo
Yaa Baa Parlor                     Produces:  Hyper Alert Sentry

do show in the Inventory > Boosts window.
However, the Yakuza Assassin (attack) and Shaolin Bodyguard (defense) do show up in the equipment lists when fighting.  The Shaolin Bodygaurd is the top armor for this account:
The Bangkok Episode 1 Mastery item, Tiger Sak Yant (65 Attack 42 Defense), is better than the Yakuza Assassin (50 Attack 26 Defense) (but you can purchase multiple Yahuza Assassins).

This post is just a "what if" information post.  As new Episodes are released, it may make more sense to switch between Factions to collect better/higher stat job drop loot.  Additionally, Faction Store items costs are rather high for the Baht cash flow in the early stages of Bangkok.  Later stage cash flow lends itself to more Factions Store purchases.

Fighting (not available in the Beta), aligned with Factions, will modify Faction Points.

Courtesy: Top Mafia Info
Author: Dookie


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