Bulletproof Achievement

How to get this achievement ? many people tried and failed to get this achievement and this one consider as a one of the most difficult to achieve too. The reason is simple their is always somebody who is strong enough to take you out for just 8000$ bounty. I personally achieve this one few months ago and then everyone start asking me to help them achieve it too, so after many hit and tries i find few working way out for it, but still they ain't 101% perfect so you always need a bit of luck too.

Method 1

Keep an eye on hit-list, when hit-list is full thats the best time to get yourself enlisted. Ask any mafia member to hit-list you, then you have to get yourself through first 5-10 mins, those are the hardest, people don't bother about guyz who are down in the list, simply because the list is full and they want to take the first one as quickly as possible. Always get yourself heal as soon as you go below half of your health and if you make thourgh first 5-10 mins their is significant chance that you will make 1 hour.

As i said earlier the hit-list population is much important here because if people run-out of targets they will try their luck on reaming ones too.

Method 2

Schedule maintenance from xx-xx to xx-xx. This is kinda cheating the system but hey y not when you tried all other legitimate ways and FAIL. Simply ask ur mafia friend to hit-list you just before the time start and by the time game will be back you can  easily have the achievement.

Their are rumors but i don't have any confirmation of this yet that Zynga is clearing hit-list before the go for maintenance. But in past it work perfectly for many guyz, so why not just give it a try.

Final thoughts

I personally know guyz have 2000 plus defence and attack, though they have Bulletproof Achievement but they always get iced or snuffed every day by people who are mcuh stronger then them. 

As Tagged people are now merged with facebook it become more harder for people to get through hit-list unnoticed, simply bcoz Tagged people are playing this game long before it was introduced to Facebook and those guyz really invested their skill point in their attack. 

These situation also reject the strong inventory myth. When i achieve Bulletproof i had less than 100 best moscow defense items. One more thing to remember your defense boost don't help either, these boost work only when somebody attacking you from fight list or manually. 


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